High-Security Locks

Our recommendation from our first generation locksmith since the late 1980’s has been Medeco High Security Locks. We recommend High-Security locks in areas that need a high level of protection.

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Medeco Cylinder Design

  • Hardened steel pins that are hard to drill.
  • The faceplate has inserts in key locations to prevent drilling.
  • The special key design requires the pins to be both lifted to the correct position and rotated to the right angle before a sidebar can unlock in addition to the pins. 
  • Keys cannot be copied at hardware and big box stores, but only by locksmith professionals. 

High Security Angled-Cut Keys

  • Extremely difficult to open without key.
  • Keys are secure since they cannot be duplicated, except by the locksmith who sold the lock.
  • Keys are cut by a specialist who manually rotates the key by 20° right, left, and center. 
  • The lock mechanism needs to have pins rotated and lifted to the correct positions to unlock.
  • Extremely secure design trusted by governments, schools, banks, retailers, and homes that need high-security.